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  • Hello! I'm Amy - owner of NYCity Kitty.

    The Intent of NYCityKitty


    It's no secret, I love and adore cats. It truly makes me happy to care for and be around them. (That's my little Luna you see pictured.)


    I've been a pet parent for 25 years and a professional pet sitter since 2011.


    When I first started sitting, within 17 months, I had a loyal and reoccurring client base of approximately 40 households. My clients seemed to really appreciate me and how I cared for their cats and their homes.


    Two thumbs (and paws) up gave me so much satisfaction, but I always considered cat sitting just an enjoyable side-gig.


    Then, more and more, I’d hear these cat sitter horror stories that left me speechless. (And if you know me, you know that's quite a feat!) I’d just listen and stare wide-eyed, shaking my head, like - what?? Who are these people?! Is there no-one trustworthy who really cares anymore??


    Well, yes. As it turns out, there actually is. ME! And now my crew. :-)


    My main job for nearly two decades has been training and teaching others about customer service and client relations, so with that, I decided to build a team of like-minded caretakers who serve our fellow cat lovers responsibly, compassionately and enjoyably.


    NYCity Kitty officially became a business September 2017. And it gives me SO much fulfillment to be of (great) service to my cat community.


    If not now, we hope to one day have the pleasure of meeting you and your cat(s) and caring for them like they were our own.


    The peace of mind that comes from having a professional care for your furry family member is priceless.

    Why Hire a Cat Sitter?

    Amy here. The first time I hired a cat sitter, it was because I didn't want to ask my neighbor (who didn't even like my cat) to feed her - yet again.


    And the last time I left for the weekend - while the litter box and apartment weren't a complete mess upon return - I sensed the stress in my kitty. She looked a bit "off" and I felt so guilty!


    I tried to make myself feel better by comparing her to a dog. 'It's not like she needs to be walked or let out to go to the bathroom...' but deep down I knew that even though cats and dogs have different levels of independence - and bathroom self-sufficiency! - cats need and deserve attention too.


    So, I decided to hire a professional. And when I met my cat sitter, I immediately felt the difference of enlisting someone who was truly invested in helping.


    There was such relief in knowing that my attention-loving kitty would have fresh food, water and litter, along with some play time, pet time, treat time, and love while I was gone - and she didn't have to leave the comfort of her own home..


    Hiring a cat sitter relieved me (and my cat) of so much unnecessary worry and stress! Now, my team and I happily provide peace of mind to others who consider their cat(s) family.




    Whether it's a vacation, business trip, or weekend jaunt, your cat will receive lots of love, attention and care while you're away,.


    Visits are a minimum of 30 minutes and cost $35. We'll feed, scoop, pet, play and treat your kitty like our own. We'll administer meds (if they're called for), get mail, water plants and take plenty of pictures and videos to send to you with daily email (or text) update.


    We can certainly arrange to stay longer (or even sleep over) so feel free to call to discuss your specific needs for personalized pricing.

    Client Feedback

    "I really appreciate you taking such good care of them while we've been gone. It made being away so much easier." -Laura B.


    "Thank you for the great care and fantastic updates. I should be back tomorrow morning. I suspect Ledge's excitement to see me might be offset by his separation anxiety from you, looks like you guys had a great time together. Thank you so much for the great care!" -Yazan B.


    "He looks so at home. Thanks for taking such good care of him, it really means a lot." -Benny S.


    "I love getting your updates. They always make me smile." -Sarah D.


    "I must say that I am MOST grateful that you always leave my apartment in such great shape. Please know that I know how much work you put in and how much I appreciate it." -Patty S.


    "Thank you for being the best cat sitter!" -Jamie W.


    "Thank you for all that you do to take care of and love the furballs!" -Paige B.


    "Thank you for always taking such great care of our four-legged babies!" -Erin B.


    "Thank you for being with Eddie for the holidays! We are so grateful you take the best care of him!" -Ava S.


    "Thanks so much for all you have done this weekend! You truly were the best fit for watching my little Bert on such short notice. Bert seems to love you and enjoy your company as well. Thanks so much again I really appreciate it." -Abby C.


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