How would it feel to go away without any anxiety or worry about your cat?

    (Or your apartment.)


    Book a NYCity Kitty cat sitter and find out.

    Our cat sitters serve the following neighborhoods in Manhattan & Brooklyn:

    Upper West Side, East Village, TriBeCa & FiDi

    Williamsburg, Prospect Heights & Park Slope


    • NYCity Kitty was born from a deep desire to live and serve by the golden rule. To treat people as you want to be treated. That includes their kitties and their homes.
    • We're professional caretakers who specialize in felines - not hobbyists. 
    • Amy (owner) is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter who personally engages her team in ongoing training and education.
    • NYCity Kitty is Bonded and Insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas.
    • NYCity Kitty is a proud and active member of Pet Sitters International.
    • NYCity Kitty caretakers receive plenty of positive references that we're happy to share. (We value transparency!)

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    Hello! I'm Amy - Owner & Operator of NYCity Kitty.

    I've been a pet parent for more than 25 years and a professional pet sitter since 2012. It's no secret that I love and adore cats. It makes me happy to be around and care for them. (That's me and my Loki you see pictured.)


    When I first started sitting, within 17 months, I had a loyal and reoccurring client base of approximately 40 households on the Upper West Side. My clients really appreciated how I cared for their cats - and their homes.


    Getting two thumbs (and paws) up felt amazing and fueled me to build my client base. But, alas, I am only one!


    Then I had an idea. Since my main job for nearly two decades was teaching and training others about customer service and client relations, why not translate that into the pet-sitting industry?


    And with that, I decided to build a team of like-minded caretakers - the NYCity Kitty Cat Crew - who serve our fellow cat parents responsibly, compassionately and enjoyably.


    It's fulfilling to be of service to our local cat communities. We hope to one day have the pleasure of meeting you and your cat(s) and caring for them like they're our own.


    The peace of mind that comes from having a professional

    care for your furry family member is priceless.

    Daily In-Home Visits

    Whether it's a vacation, business trip, or weekend jaunt, you can be sure that your cat will receive lots of love, attention and care while you're away.


    We'll feed, scoop, pet, play and treat your kitty like our own. We'll administer meds (if they're called for), get mail, water plants and take plenty of pictures to send with your email or text updates.


    You can also be sure that we'll keep your home tidy by cleaning up anything from crumbs and hairballs to tumbleweeds of fur and the ever-annoying scattered litter!


    One visit (a minimum of) 30 minutes: $35.

    Two visits a day (morning/evening): $70.


    *It's our policy to do daily visits and not to share visits with others. These rules are in place for the safety and benefit of our cats, client and caretakers.

    Overnight Visits

    A sleep-over for your cat. We'll do the same duties we do during a daily visit, but this time we're staying over, so there's much more play, attention and affection.


    This is ideal for kitties who have a bit more anxiety when they're left alone and need the presence of a warm, caring lap/human.


    It's also a good option should you be going away for a longer period of time and are hesitant to board you cat. It might be nice to keep everything as is and not be inconvenienced or stressed uprooting all of your cat's stuff (food, litter, bowls, toys, grooming tools and other creature comforts from home) in order to board.


    One overnight (up to 24 hours): $75.


    We're so grateful for the kind words we get after just about every update we send.
    Thank you to all of our clients who put their trust in us.

    • "I really appreciate you taking such good care of them while we've been gone. It made being away so much easier." -Laura B.
    • "Thank you for the great care and fantastic updates. I should be back tomorrow morning. I suspect Ledge's excitement to see me might be offset by his separation anxiety from you, looks like you guys had a great time together. Thank you so much for the great care!" -Yazan B.
    • "He looks so at home. Thanks for taking such good care of him, it really means a lot." -Benny S.
    • "I love getting your updates. They always make me smile." -Sarah D.
    • "I must say that I am MOST grateful that you always leave my apartment in such great shape. Please know that I know how much work you put in and how much I appreciate it." -Patty S.
    • "Thank you for being the best cat sitter!" -Jamie W.
    • "Thank you for all that you do to take care of and love the furballs!" -Paige B.
    • "Thank you for always taking such great care of our four-legged babies!" -Erin B.
    • "Thank you for being with Eddie for the holidays! We are so grateful you take the best care of him!" -Ava S.
    • "Thanks so much for all you have done this weekend! You truly were the best fit for watching my little Bert on such short notice. Bert seems to love you and enjoy your company as well. Thanks so much again I really appreciate it." -Abby C.

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